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So here we go again! 

A new year, a new tier.  We have added another layer of excitement to Carnival with our new look website and changing our date to create a more 'summery' atmosphere. Even if it rains, at least it will be warm! You  may have noticed this in our updated slogan - from "Bringing the Magic Back" to "Summertime Magic." 

 We simply can't let go of our unicorn theme established in 2015 after the children brainstormed they wanted to see unicorn rides at our Carnival. The whole Carnival revolves around the magic of the unicorn, the magic of being a kid and just having fun!

 Whatever the weather, we guarantee fun together!

 Kirsten Bell


Thank you to our Sponsors

Print and Field sponsor

Become a Carnival sponsor

There are many different ways to be a sponsor at the Carnival and many different benefits! Sponsored prizes, goods or services are one option as well as cash donations, which are tax deductible. 

There are a variety ways that our sponsors are able to profile their organisation or company name prior to the carnival, as well as on the day. 

If you would like to know more about sponsorship then please contact

What's on Offer


We have kept to our word of giving you lots for your pocket money! There are old favourites and many new ones, all at a great price. Click here to explore some of the excitement for the kids (and adults) at Carnival.


  - Drinks: Fresh juice, coffee, tea, water, softdrinks and 'Snowie' shaved ice
- Hot food: Sausages, bacon butties, steak rolls, pulled pork buns, hot chips, deluxe cheeseburgers
- Dessert: Mr Whippy, candyfloss and popcorn, churros
- Specialised: Sushi, dumplings, tea rooms (click here button to take you to its own tab), pita pockets

Wheel of fortune

  This new game is a bit of a mix of all of our popular old games.  A new wheel has been created ready and raring to spin! EVERY player wins a prize.  Ranged from $1-$300, you have to be in to win!

Wheel of wonder 

  Not very fair if the kids don't get a turn at spinning the wheel too!  They have their own Wheel of Wonder.

Toys and books

  Conveniently split into two rooms - one for preschoolers and one for school age.  You are bound to get a bargain in our Toys and books rooms.

Willy Wonka sweets

  A hugely popular room this one!  For young and old who don't mind a treat. The array of colourful treats beckons you!

Cakes and slices

  Throw away the calorie counter before entering this delicious room! Whether you want a cupcake on the go, a birthday cake, some fudge for the family or tasty slice, you will find a great variety of sweetness in this room!


Get in touch

Please do not hesitate to touch base should you have any questions about the Carnival. 
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Sandspit Road
Howick, Auckland 2014